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Dear brothers and sisters!

The warmest greetings to you in the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We are very much grateful to you for your prayer and financial support of our ministry to the Lord. It is a great blessing for us. May our gracious Heavenly Father reward you hundredfold and generously provide for our every need!

Thank God, recent months were especially rich with ministries and events. I am glad to write you this letter and tell you about the main events, which happened.

2qtr-2016-01In May in our church was held a prayer conference for women. We invited ladies of the neighboring churches to join us. We prepared a program and spent together a wonderful day in prayer and worship to the Lord. We thanked for the kindness and love of God to us, asked for spiritual renewal and peace in the country. The encouraging for us was the fact that on this service repented a woman from a neighboring town. It reminded me once again the words of Jesus Christ from Luke 18:1 – “And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart” (photo 1).

I believe that it is a miracle that each year some public schools invite us to hold camps for children at school. This year was no exception. Thanks to the Lord we had an opportunity during the week to communicate the Gospel to children in two schools. Children actively participated in games and listened to Bible stories, answered well and prayed in the classroom, which is a great joy. Teachers were also present at these meetings, they were amazed with how well children behaved and how simple and clear were the Biblical truths (photo 2).


Inspired with camps in schools, sisters immediately began preparations for the camp in our church for the children of our day center. We were blessed to hold a wonderful camp in the territory of our church, which was attended by more than thirty children. We borrowed a trampoline and swimming pool and it caused an incredible joy in children. I am particularly encouraged that the boys from the older group were good day center helpers. I think that on the next year they will be the full leaders in this ministry (photo 3).


Particularly responsible and distinguished, is Yaroslav, the brother of Alexander, who was baptized last summer. I wrote you about him before. These boys are from a dysfunctional family, where their mother is a drug user and even has AIDS. These boys do not know their father. But as children they attended Sunday school and, praise the Lord, the seeds of the truth of the Gospel have grown. Yaroslav said that like his younger brother, he wants to take baptism and serve to orphans and children from dysfunctional families.

Yaroslav is involved in sports and wants to use it for evangelism. He asked the church to build near the House of Prayer a small complex of horizontal bars to hold sports meetings for young people and preach the Gospel to them. We now pray about it.

In early summer brother Nikolai, who is responsible for the ministry among teenagers in our church, and his wife went on a missionary trip across Ukraine. So the mood among teenagers declined slightly, but we still continue to develop this ministry. We organize sports competitions and meetings outdoors (photo 4).

2qtr-2016-04We pray, so that God will allow us to organize a small camp for the most open to the Lord adolescents. We want to take three leaders and six teenagers and go with them on a week trip to the mountains. The idea was to spend more time with them, so that they will learn from us the practice of Christian life.

Dear friends, thank you for your cooperation and for your prayers for us. We love you although we have never seen you and we ask God to bless you.

With love and prayers for you,

Ruslan Buryachok

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